Tyre stackers and handlers with unique systems

Just Easy Tools

Are you looking for a tyre handler or a tyre stacker, then read more about Just Easy Tools here.

Tyre stacker with secure grip from Just Easy Tools

Just Easy Tools make tyre handling easy. Even when removing, installing, and stacking heavy AGRO tyres their tyre handler and tyre stacker makes it feel lightweight. Their unique 3-point grip system ensures maximum safety and minimizes tyre wear in the handling process by not squeezing the tyres at all. If you are looking for a super-efficient tyre stacker, they might just have the model you are looking for. The secure grip provides the safest handling of heavy tires minimizing the risk of dropping tyres from heights. Due to the range of their tyre stacker loading and unloading from trailers can be done from one side by only one person and with speed and minimum manual effort. Their tyre stacker is a revolutionary tool for heavy tyre handling providing both safety and high performance. This tool will reduce work hours, injuries and reduce the risk of accidents in the garage.

Buy a tyre handler with a very high lifting capacity

Just Easy Tools have several tyre handler models in their catalogue for different kinds of tyres. Are you looking for a tyre handler with a lifting capacity of up to 8.000 kg, then they have what you are looking for. They have efficient and safe systems for every kind of tyre, both truck-, twin-, car-, and AGRO tyres. Their unique 3-point grip provides safety and minimizes tyre wear by never squeezing the tyres. This is a safer and much more efficient way of handling tyres, and the gripping arms can be replaced by flat gripping arms in cases of a little distance between tyres and wheel arches, and with telescope gripping arms in cases of twin tyres. In their tyre handler there is an integrated camera system providing the operator with a safe overview of even the smallest movements for safety and precision. Their tyre handler is compatible with almost every forklift system and has integrated LED working light for dark working conditions.