Experience great sound with Bluetooth speakers from the KREAFUNK CARE Collection


With their KREAFUNK CARE Collection the Danish lifestyle brand, KREAFUNK, is on a mission to reduce the usage of plastic in their products. Being a visionary company, the Danes manage to get even more environmentally friendly, while keeping up the high quality that characterizes their products, like their Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers

And in this section, you can learn a lot more about their Bluetooth speakers that are totally wireless. The Danish brand strives to design products (including Bluetooth speakers) that seek to impress their customers from all around the world. Everyone loves music, and with these amazing Bluetooth speakers your favourite song will become even better. Because it is not just the wireless portability that make the Bluetooth speakers popular products: It is also the good sound quality. Everyone deserves to be able to listen to the music, they love, on a set of Bluetooth speakers – including you. So why don’t you go ahead and buy yours today? It will instantly make your life better.


The KREAFUNK CARE Collection is good news to the world. As the environment screams for our help, it is important that people and companies react. With 35% less plastic, the KREAFUNK CARE Collection is an ambitious string of high quality products that also use recycled polyester fabric. If you have any questions regarding the KREAFUNK CARE Collection, please do not hesitate contacting the professional, dedicated and service minded staff from the Danish lifestyle brand. They are not only deeply invested in their products, like the KREAFUNK CARE Collection, but also in their customers. You can always expect to be treated well by the staff members. So call them or write them an e-mail already today, if you want to know more about the KREAFUNK CARE Collection. You find their phone number and e-mail address on their webpage kreafunk.com.