Christmas decorations inspired by Hans Christian Andersen

Creating the right Christmas setting can be a struggle even for Santa himself. For those struggling and those who love the true magic of the Christmas atmosphere, Nordahl Andersen brings the solution with their line “Hans Christian Andersen”.

Hans Christian Andersen inspired Christmas decorations

Hans Christian Andersen – one of the most well-known fairytale authors- was not only a storyteller but also a talented artist. One of his favourite artforms was paper cutting. Hans Christian Andersen loved Christmas and often told his fairytales while making paper cuttings. It is said that Hans Christian Andersen weaved the first Christmas heart in the world in the 1860’s. Nordahl Andersen, being true to its Danish tradition, has taken inspiration from these designs and re-created them in magical silver and gold plated Christmas tree decorations and much more. You can find part of your childhood in lovely ornaments recreating the fairytales we all love such as “The Ugly Duckling”, “Tin Soldier” and “The Little Mermaid”. So why not to add some fairytale magic to your home?

In which form does the magic come?

The main part of Nordahl Andersen collection of Christmas decorations inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and his stories, comes in the form of Christmas tree ornaments and and top pieces for the Christmas tree. But the Christmas tree, even though a very important part of Christmas, is not the only way to involve favourite fairytales in your special day. Nordahl Andersen is also offering various designs of tealight holders, candlesticks, glamorous tree ornaments and other things.

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