Buy handmade Tao Pipes and Peter Klein smoking pipes at Bisgaard Pipes

Bisgaard Pipes

If you are a dedicated pipe smoker, and you are looking for a new unique one for your collection, you should certainly consider visiting Bisgaard Pipes. Here, you can buy different models of pipes from skilled makers. For instance, you can buy Peter Klein smoking pipes and Tao Pipes. You can take a look at the different models by visiting the website

Peter Klein smoking pipes

The German pipe maker Peter Klein has been making pipes since 1988 and draws inspiration from several other makers, which means that he is extremely skilled and always produces pipes of the upmost quality. At Bisgaard Pipes, they offer a wide selection of Peter Klein smoking pipes. They are primarily made of plateau briar from Italy, and the majority of the pipes are fitted with a handmade ebonite mouthpiece. Peter Klein smoking pipes come in different models, and you can choose between different styles and with or without a filter. All of the pipes are sold at the best prices. You can buy a new Peter Klain smoking pipe today by visiting Bisgaard Pipes on the website

Handmade Tao Pipes

If you are looking for a new fantastic pipe to smoke, and you want to be sure that you buy one of the best quality and brand, then you should take a closer look at Tao Pipes sold at Bisgaard Pipes. Tao Pipes are handmade pipes with handmade stems of black rubber, artificial amber, or Cumberland. The maker behind Tao Pipes is very much fascinated and inspired by the sea, which is visible in the elegance of the design. You can take a closer look at the amazing pipes and buy one today by visiting Bisgaard Pipes on the website

Online on the website you can buy amazing pipes made by skilled makers at the best possible prices.